by Ari Sokolov

Welcome to my world of organized scatter.

Hello there! I'm Ari Sokolov and I created this "blog" to share some of my organization techniques as high schooler who deals with executive functioning(a fancy psych word for organization) issues. This site's intention is to educate you on how to prevent those unexpected, silly brain errors and make your life more objective. Feel free to reach out to me through the communication methods I listed to the left for advice, questions, or anything else!


The Future

[Insert Something Insanely Cool Here]

Look for future posts on organzing your calendar/backpack/homework/files/life, studing techniques for exams/tests/quizzes/pop-quizzes, and resources.



Test Decoding

A tutorial on how to prevent "careless errors" on word problems.




Building Your Crew


Time to take inventory on who you should be spending time with.




Wayfinder Compass

I got 99 solutions.

Have a problem? Lets find some solutions to prototype!





What would Beyonce do?

Mind scribble on how to making boring situations interesting.




Odessey Plan

Essencial Question

The Origin

Story of this organized scatter.[Click above for the picture of the original Odessey Plan.]